Exceeding Great Expectations

Our Students

Commitment: Increasing Rigor and Access for all students.

  • We paid for students to take advanced placement, IB and Cambridge exams – doubling the number of students who take these exams.
  • We’ve expanded our gifted and talented efforts and placed Advanced Academic Resource Teachers in elementary and middle schools, among other efforts, to make sure we’re supporting our advanced learners.
  • We’ve increased our student-based budgeting weights to give additional supports for students living in poverty, English language learners (ELL) and students with disabilities.

Commitment: To Give our Students the Greatest Civil Right, The Ability to Read.

  • We’ve invested in resources and staff to support teachers and their literacy work, including creating a Literacy Teacher Development Specialist position.
  • We began assessing reading performance of students in grades 2-8 using the MAP-R assessment.
  • We have invested in classroom libraries, redesigned curriculum and worked to create a community-wide plan to address early-childhood literacy in Nashville.

Commitment: To Become the Fastest-Improving Urban District in the Nation.

  • The winter administration of the MAP assessment shows us that our students are achieving – the academic growth (grades 2-8, from August-February) of our students surpassed the national average for both reading and math.
  • We’ve added additional English language teachers to support our ELL students.

Commitment: Increase the Quality of Pre-K Programs.

  • We’ve collaborated with the Mayor’s office, the Nashville Public Education Foundation, PENCIL and the Nashville Public Library to expand access to our Pre-K programs.
  • Our Pre-K classrooms are implementing foundational literacy skills that will prepare children for K-4 literacy goals.

Commitment: Revitalize and Transform our Middle Schools

  • We know middle school is a pivotal time in a child’s education. Our focus on STEAM inspires and motivates students. This year, teachers completed more than 11,000 hours of professional development and community partners provided meaningful curriculum-career connections for students.
  • We’ve reinstated honors classes in all middle schools, starting with English language arts (ELA) this year and following with math and science next year.
  • Partners such as the Nashville Zoo and Dell Technologies are helping schools implement STEAM through various opportunities.

Commitment: Ensuring our Students are Ready for What Comes After Graduation.

  • We’ve partnered with Nashville State Community College to offer the Early College High School Program (opening in fall 2018). This will give students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree at no cost.
  • Through our renowned Academies of Nashville, students have access to more than 40 industry certifications, internships and other hands-on learning experiences.
  • We will increase counseling supervision and support, as well as add 15 college and career counselors in our high schools who will help students with college or career planning and access.

Our People

Our Organization

Our Community